Octavate is about pricing risk in the music industry, both with respect to intellectual property and artist development. While music as a category is undervalued except at the highest level—when people overpay—Octavate sees the industry as a sort of “safe haven” investment that, with the proper approach, can act as an insurance policy against systemic risk given its tiny relative size. Octavate believes that algorithmic curation has had a detrimental effect on global culture and knows there are problems connecting talent to the proper sources. By focusing on sonic purity and using technology to maintain a keen awareness of global events, Octavate will avoid overpaying for intellectual property while expanding the size of the industry’s middle class for decades to come.
A ruler should also show himself a lover of talent, and honour those who excel in any art.  
The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.
All I must do is take care of the music.
–Machiavelli, “The Prince”
–sometimes attributed to Marcus Aurelius
–Bill Evans
Estimated Size of Global Music Industry (2030 GROSS REVENUES):  $153 Billion

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